Get Involved

Start where you are.

Whether you’re attracted to the farm part or the care part, this idea is compelling because it FEELS GOOD. So don’t hesitate, jump in! You don’t need to be an expert or have a perfect plan to make progress today. Here are some ideas . . .

1. Sign up for the Fireside newsletter

I promise, it will not be dumb. I’ll send it out no more often than quarterly, and it will take under ten minutes to read. I’ll bring you progress and inspiration, ways you can contribute, and stories of people MAKING A DIFFERENCE. This same mailing list is also how I will provide updates when I have jobs available, food to sell, and amazing childcare to provide. Time moves quickly, best to just automate this part so you’ll never miss a thing! =)

2. Join the Fireside Team!

Would you be willing to give honest feedback on business decisions? Do you know a little bit about farming and kids, or would you love to help build a clay building or manage a treehouse rental? Do you have significant resources to offer: time, cash, expertise? LET’S TALK! Please schedule a meeting on my calendar at your convenience.

3. Look for local food and ways to avoid plastic

Farmers are overjoyed to sell you delicious produce and healthy animal products. They may not be as hard to find as you think! Research Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) in your area, or start a couple plants of your own. Lettuce, tomatoes and peppers are fairly easy to grow! If you do find a farmer, try to encourage them to charge reasonable prices (quality food for quality prices). Reduce and reuse as much as you can!

4. Find some weirdos doing interesting things

Maybe the weirdos where you live are doing goat yoga, or maybe they’re making atrocious-tasting plant-based cheese. Not all weird things are good things. But I’ve noticed that great progress is coming from some strange places right now. Still hungry for more? Head over to the Verge Permaculture channel for a nice little interwebs wormhole you could hide in for a month. Or just watch this video and relax. 🙂