FarmCare by Fireside Nation

Safe | Affordable | High-quality daycare …with a dinner option!

Hey there. I’m Farmer Jen. I’m a retired Navy pilot with a passion for food, kids, and the American dream. As a working mom myself, I say this with total sincerity: food and family life have gotten a little ridiculous in the United States. I’ll tell you what I think about it, but then I need your help. Because I’ve got an idea that I think is gonna change the way Americans live.

You know the story of the U.S. food system: chemicals, feedlots, corn subsidies… low food prices! lots of food production! — our food isn’t even good for us anymore. We throw away more than 30% of what we produce. A lot of us don’t have time, interest, or skills necessary to cook; 25 million Americans live in a food desert… instead of fresh, we eat processed snacks, frozen meals, and fast food that’s not even fast.

The situation is similar with childcare. Parents spend up to 60% of their income on the daycare bill, yet many will tell you they’re unsatisfied with the care they get. And the workers providing that care often can’t afford it for their own kids. Businesses estimate $3 billion dollars in losses every year due to childcare breakdowns, and as you know, mental health is in decline nationwide.

Our existing food and care systems are not working. But – I believe there’s a simple solution to all of this. We just need to connect the dots between food… and families. Farm-based childcare is the answer.

FarmCare combines a daycare facility with a small community farm.

Kids that sit in a classroom all day hop on a bus, tired and hungry, ride ten minutes or less to a local farm. They get exercise; grow and eat fresh food; decompress in screen-free spaces.They learn about character, get schoolwork done, and when parents come to pick up, they can also grab dinner.

Everything there is grown locally – it’s organic, pasture-raised, and delicious. Oh, and if parents are in a real rush, we also partner with local restaurants to have fully prepared meals ready to go. Healthy fast food… healthy happy kids… what would you pay for either one of those? What would you pay for both in one stop?

FarmCare is attractive because of convenience, but it changes lives because of quality. The ultra-nutritious food and highly engaged staff really set us apart, and the farm itself adds even more value because sharing space together builds a community. Think about weekend visits to this familiar place: pumpkin patches, corn mazes, cooking classes, goat yoga.

What? You haven’t heard of goat yoga? It’s a thing!

With FarmCare in place, things start to change. Kids can get healthy, parents can share stress, communities come back together. I truly believe that this care model is going to change the way Americans live, and I want to bring you in! I’m looking for partners, leaders, mentors, investors, builders, parents, teachers, athletes, foodies, farmers… if you’re a writer, a podcaster, a dreamer… bring your passion.

Quality grows community.

Better food, better care, better life. Let’s give Americans the quality they deserve.