making the good life universal

“We are 100% committed to our kids, land, and community. From the way we farm to the way we talk, Fireside Nation starts with respect.”

Jenny Durant, Fireside Founder

We set up shop with an empty field and a big idea: provide a way for people to take a breath.

So much of modern life is about stress. We rush from one place to another; balance too many demands on our time; and worry constantly about the future. What if just one decision–to share the abundance of this land–could solve all of these problems for the people around us?

Connecting with nature slows us down. Wholesome child care calms our fears. Healthy food nourishes us, and animals bring out the best in us.

Fireside Nation at Fellows Landing Farm is a lifestyle and a community. Joining it will relieve your stress, improve your health, and provide you meaning for decades. Spending even an hour a week with us will change your life for the better.

Fireside Nation


Our approach and our prices reflect a deep commitment to the philosophy of access.