Philosophy of Access

The good life is universal.

Fireside Nation is based on a philosophy of access. We believe that all people should have the ability to get away from concrete… to breathe deeply, enjoy meaningful work, and benefit from deep relationships. The good life is a sense of abundance, freedom, and trust.

All of us should have access to that.

. . . and we shouldn’t have to break the bank to get it.

Outdoors & Animals

Our goal is to create a hub of community and calm in the middle of a bustling city. Kids leave school and come to the land. Parents pick them up and take a meal home. Single and elderly folks find connection. The community sprouts up around the kids — and the chickens, goats, plants, pigs, and bugs all play their role.


The Fireside team works to exceed each of our clients’ expectations. We have 20+ years of high-level experience building teams, refining processes, nourishing people, and watching the bottom line. We work hard to find innovative ways to protect our time, money, and resources. Then we pass those savings on to you, over-delivering at every turn.


We are currently looking for our land! Please let us know if you have an idea in mind.


Read about the plan or recent lessons. For even more swim in our headspace for a while.