As the first property in the Fireside Nation franchise, Fellows Landing Farm will open its doors in June of 2022. We are currently searching for an ideal site in Knoxville, Tennessee. If you have or know of an available property, please reach out!

Fireside Nation’s mission is to build and deepen community bonds while connecting all of us with the outdoors. To that end, Fellows Landing Farm will feature several offerings:

  • FARM FRESH FOOD Open seven days a week, we offer a full range of nutritious food that is also mind-blowingly delicious. Our pasture-raised eggs and non-GMO produce are just the beginning. The strawberry jam will make it impossible to buy Welch’s forever.
  • SCHOOL-AGED YOUTH PROGRAM For busy parents and active kids, we provide school pick up and the option to take home a warm meal. Kids complete homework and participate in the fun of farm life: feeding animals, growing veggies, and running around in wide open spaces. Affordable horse riding lessons are also available.
  • HORSE RESCUE & LEADER TRAINING Our pastures have limited space for select horses and healthy rescues, and our training program is ideal for young or inexperienced riders. Let us know what you have in mind, or just relax and watch. Come enjoy the good life!
  • IMMERSIVE HOUSING RENTALS Situated outside the hustle and bustle of the farm is a unique opportunity to try on this lifestyle. We have a gorgeous off-grid yurt and a real birds-nest treehouse available, and we welcome your help building our earthen cob cottage. All rentals feature full access to the land, a complimentary breakfast, and an optional morning walk with the founder. Come stay a while . . .

Fellows Landing Farm is a hub of community and calm that welcomes learners of all ages. Please contact us to learn more about employment and volunteer opportunities!

You may reach us at:

firesidetraining@icloud.com or on our visit/contact page

Hours of Operation:

Mon-Sat: 8am – 8pm; Sun: 11am – 2pm